Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies!

Epic Iris Media’s cinema division has conjured up quite possibly the most insane movie ever imagined. Follow the exploits of Emil, a young boy who is visited by an alien robot named Jackie Chan Version 1 (or the JCV1). Jackie reveals to Emil that he is not from this planet, and that Emil landed here from Uranus. Turns out, that Emil was supposed to end the world on December 21, 2012, but since he landed on his head, lost his memory and was raised by Earthlings, he never destroyed the world. Another alien, Tracy, is sent from Uranus to finish the job. She is hunting down Emil and trying to steal his brain, using the lost information inside to find the ultimate weapon: The Arm of Geddon. Why Emil and JCV1 be able to stop Tracy or is she going to succeed in destroying our planet? Find out in the up coming movie Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies!

If that trailer doesn’t have you clamoring for more, I don’t know what will. Coming soon to a theater near you!

Spoiler Alert

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