About Us

How will the world end? What catastrophic occurrence will cause the human race to cease to exist? Will an asteroid hit Earth with a lethal force? Will global warming finally take it’s toll on the planet? Will the doomsday clock strike midnight? Will the technology that we now rely on so heavily cease to function? Will the Book of Revelations prove correct in its prophecy of Armageddon? It’s a subject that is shrouded in fear and uncertainty, which makes it the perfect topic for storytelling, news reporting, and virtually all other avenues of media coverage.

Over the coming weeks, the various divisions of Epic Iris Media will be developing and featuring content that tackles this controversial subject matter in numerous unique ways. From the humorous, to the informative, to the prophetic, Epic Iris will have plenty of end-of-the-world content, and it will all be available here on Epic Iris Web.

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