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“This Volcano”: The New Hit Song from The Painted Hill

Musical artists are no stranger to the apocalypse. R.E.M. and Matchbox Twenty come to mind as having chart-topping catchy songs with end of the world themes. Something you might not expect, though, is such apocalyptic prose accompanied by a relaxing

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Epic Iris Newspaper: Free, Satirical News for Your Enjoyment

UFOs have been sighted in Russia? President Obama is negotiating with the alien leaders? What on Earth is happening? Epic Iris Newspaper has all the answers! Epic Iris’ weekly satirical paper has the scoop on all the major current events

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Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies!

Epic Iris Media’s cinema division has conjured up quite possibly the most insane movie ever imagined. Follow the exploits of Emil, a young boy who is visited by an alien robot named Jackie Chan Version 1 (or the JCV1). Jackie

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66.6 FM The Fear: A Radio Station for the Apocalypse

Before the world goes to hell in a handbasket, why not listen to the scary voices and tunes offered up by the folks at 66.6 FM The Fear. A station on the Epic Iris Radio Network, The Fear is a

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Predictions of the End: A Collection of Apocalyptic Stories

Have you ever wondered how the world would end? Ever since the Earth survived the last predicted apocalypse in 2012 people have been wondering what’s next. This book is a collection of short stories from some new authors giving you

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Doomsday Preppers: All-New End of the World TV Show

Think you’re prepared for an Armageddon? A nuclear fallout? A zombie apocalypse? Think again, as this new show from Epic Iris Media will offer some thoughtful insight on how to prepare for, and hopefully survive, the inevitable end of the

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Iris Entertainment: End of the World Edition

Check out the latest issue of Epic Iris Media’s magazine publication, Iris Entertainment, in print and digital formats! This issue tackles the end of the world craze with dozens of informative and amusing articles covering tips on surviving an apocalyptic

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A Helpful Guide On How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

This book written by Max Brooks details how to survive a zombie apocalypse once it finally hits. He details how to survive on little resources, which weapons are the best to kill the Zeds, and where to go and how

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We Have 93 Years Left till the Next End of the World: Killer Asteroid to Hit Earth in 2106

This excerpt of an article from The Voice of Russia addresses the “asteroid impact” theory of the end of the world, and they provide some scary evidence that gives the theory some validity. While the Apophis asteroid that was expected

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The End Is…Probably Not Very Near

Simon Steinhardt via Jess3 Blog offers a short but clever infographic that illustrates 182 other occasions on which the world was supposed to end. Yet again, another article points out the inevitable farce that was the 2012 Mayan prediction. Original

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